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Two months in a row.

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the Guns @ RE Wallpaper May 2012

What a changeover mama !!!

The best thing about those good old days was that we didn’t have to think very hard about all the perspicacious stuff happening around us. There was a fantastic camaraderie with our Bullets which was way above than the level of anything else, including our studies.Those vehement college days were awesome which took out the real biking passion out of us and every highway crossing our city beheld its countenance.The biking scene at the turn of the year 2004 – 2005 was, and would forever remain memorable for us, as it is the time really responsible for what we are now known as – ‘the Guns’.

the Guns was formed circa 2005 with 5 members only.Our first ride was from Delhi to Agra and comprised only 3 Royal Enfield Bullets.That first ride started up a chain reaction of riding activities and was enough to reflect the incipiency of the Guns in the biking fraternity.

The Kuchesar ride on 22nd April 2012 was although not too long but was kind of a transformation ride for ‘the Guns’. Earlier our clan was limited to RE motorcycles only, but on this ride we came out with open arms for other motorbikes too. There were copious motorbikes like Yamaha R15, Pulsar 220, Hero Impulse, Honda CBR and Kawasaki Ninja with lots of REs. And believe me it was a frisky event which looked like a great assortment of some vivid riders on the back of their eloquent motorbikes.

To name some riders like Naveen, Gurpreet, Madhur, Ratul, Kuldeep and Ashwini also joined us on this ride for the first time. Our photographers Avijyoti, Prasanta, Subhojit and Naveen dazzlingly bagged every kilometer we crossed and added life to our memoirs. It was a great riding experience for all the new guys who were out for the first time with “the Guns”.

It is an endless story with seamless miles and our destinations are these rides itself. More miles to go, more smiles to cherish and more moments to live.

We are the Guns – a coterie of assiduous riders.


Motorcycle Expert, Guns Motorcycling





Guns Motorcycling

.abetting motorcycling ecstasy.

The Black Ride :: Brightest ride ever

We have ridden thousands of kilometers every year and each ride gave us hundreds of memories of diverse terrains, routes, destinations, paces etc. In short, every ride ended up with a mound of exciting and cherished memoirs because we are riders and we love every kilometer we passed by. But this ride was different, it gave us an unusual lesson that not only added on to our riding skills and motorcycling experience but changed the way we live our lives and see the world around us.

On 14th April 2012, when clock stroked 6.30 in the morning, several engines revved up not just to hit NH8 and burn some rubber but to show the world, the real meaning of being alive. Our sole mantra is that we live to ride but this ride was to learn how to live, when ‘The Black Ride’ took us on a journey of a lifetime. Although we were riding on low beam but those feeble quantum of luminosity enlightened every pebble of tarmac there and illuminated every corner of our hearts. A journey with the name of darkness leads us to a place where we get to know the brightest hearts and valiant minds. No one needed tungsten there because they got their illumination straight from Almighty, not from any earthy element of periodic table. Our ride took us to a place where we met angelic children with sunlit smiles and radiance on their faces but twinkle missing from their eyes. Our destination was ACBI Blind School, Gurgaon, a middle school for visually impaired children located in a remote area of Gurgaon suburbs.

The Black Ride – As the name signifies was a trip about obscurity but after the few kilometers that we rode the journey itself enrouted us out of the darkness. “Actions are louder than words”- this idiom is substantiated accurately by Mohit Ahuja, a tough rider with a pious and noble heart, who scripted the storyline of this jaunt. He started this group ‘Bikers for Good’ alone and with the course of less than a year now its group members crossed the count of 600 and are increasing continuously by leaps and bounce. The reason of this success is the values and vision that this group inherits. Whenever you ride with them or become a part of their voyages you feel privileged and blessed to get the chance to share these kinds of virtuous moments with them.

At our ride destination we shared beautiful moments with the school children. We sang, laughed, smiled and rode together. Joyfulness and smiles were flowing all over the faces of these kids as they were enjoying rides on their favorite motorcycles, Royal Enfield Bullets. When Kan Kora, one of our Ride Marshals asked these kids about their favorite motorbike they shouted in a chorus “BULLET” and being a big fan of RE I simply adored that moment.

There was a live performance “STRINGS OF CHANGE” by a Delhi based band Reverse Poets to celebrate the spirit of womanhood. Kids jammed and shared Bollywood tunes with the musicians and after that different riders shared their memorable experiences and their bikes with the children. We had an assorted feeling of joy and sorrow on this trip as I questioned God, why they can’t see how beautiful they are? Why these innocent, beaming and glowing faces have these tenebrous eyes?

They blindfolded all of us for 5 min but darkness of that moment lit up our hearts with an inner light that will guide us on the real pathway of our lives. As every rider loves to ride open-hearted we should also try to live our lives in that way too. We should feel agony of what other people are going through and should not turn blind to injustice and evil. Should respect women, old and weak people and should stand up for their rights and dignity. Don’t go deaf, dumb and blind when are witnessed to injustice. Open your eyes and take pledge to protect and respect people around you.

Riding back home we felt our heart bigger and braver than before.When we reached our home, one of my fellow rider and my friend Asad said ‘Getting maudlin is quite apparent, no matter how callous we pretend to be about life…..This Black ride turned out to be the brightest ride ever’. And for that we wish to thank Mohit and ‘Bikers for Good’ who gave us this opportunity to live these memorable moments with the real life off-roaders.


After riding these odd kilometers of The Black Ride each one of us returned their abodes with a brighter heart and more courageous mind.

Guns Motorcycling salutes the human spirit of this real rider, Mohit. We, the Guns supports your noble mission full throttle.


Man behind the scene, Mohit Ahuja










Live. Not just breathe. Ride…..

Mohammad Muneer





Special thanks to Devinder Singh Bagga, Mandy Singh and Zuheb Ahmad for capturing these moments.

Event covered by the Guns: Ahmad, Asad, Avijyoti, Baran and Muneer

Supersonics :: Why ride when you can fly

What Siegfried Bettmann, Aldo Farinelli and Alberto Beggio have in common? They desired for pure speed, power and groundbreaking performance. One word that defined their frenzy for celerity is “Superbike”. They all are initiators of early superbikes of their era and founders of Triumph, Ducati and Aprilia respectively. The history of motorcycle goes long back to 1867, but the year 1968 was and as far as motorcycling is concerned, was one of the most significant in history – it was the year the superbike was born when Honda introduced CB750, with first modern four-cylinder engine. During 1960 to 1970 Honda’s CB750 tested its grain against Kawasaki’s ‘Mach – III’, Norton 650ss, Triumph T120 Bonneville, BSA A65 Spitfire, 750 Commando.  The 70s era, racing circuits were dominated by Yamaha when Japanese introduced sublime technology, taking superbikes to all together a new height. 90’s was the decade when the superbikes evolved with super handling capabilities and earth shattering power delivery with onset of Fireblade from Honda and Yamaha’s R1.

Today the market of superbikes is dominated by Japanese manufacturers. Now we have more sleek, aggressively styled, easily maneuvered bikes with crisp handling, unparalleled power and outstanding aerodynamics defying the laws of physics.

With Indian youth embracing adventure and speed, superbikes are making its way into the Indian two-wheeler industry with appealing price tags. We saw Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki bikes foraying and now monsters like Ducati and KTM joined this clan too.

If you search the top 10 fastest bikes of the world, you will get a roll of these monsters as shown below.

Well… why don’t you tell which one you like? 🙂


1. Suzuki Hayabusa


2. BMW S1000RR


3. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14


4. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R


5. Suzuki GSX-R1000


6. Yamaha YZF-R1


7. MV Augusta F4 R312


8. Honda CBR1000 RR


9. Ducati 1098S


10. Aprilia RSV 1000R Mille


Why ride when you can FLY !!!


Keep riding / flying* 😉



Written by Biswa





Images compiled by Mohammad Muneer

One Ride 2012 :: a pictorial journey

Royal Enfield encourages every owner to take out their motorcycles from garage and hit roads to celebrate this day as One Ride day. Each city of every country feel thumps of these machines as all over the world RE lovers ride their machines to show their affection and respect towards this brand. Royal Enfield encourages its customers to start or end their rides at any RE brand stores / dealers / distributors. Every bike gets a memorabilia sticker as a part of this celebration.

This is the day to celebrate unity and brotherhood of motorcycling. Whether you are an active rider or love to ride occasionally, One Ride calls your heart and soul to express your passion of motorcycling. There are no fixed routes, destinations, kms and duration of rides to restrict but it’s about celebrating and living every kilometer that you cover along with your RE. This is a day that demands expression of your love for these classic machines.

This year we rode from Mahipalpur, Delhi to Neemrana.

Here is the pictorial timeline of One Ride Delhi 2012 .

Riders at Kay Tee Automobile at 5:00 am

About to begin :: at Mahipalpur

Mahipalpur to Manesar

Motorcycles parked at Mc Donald’s,  Manesar

Group photograph at Manesar

Manesar to Neemrana

Reached Neemrana

Off-roading at Neemrana

Leaving Neemrana

Neemrana to Delhi

One Ride 2012 ends but the riding continues…

the Guns at One Ride 2012

Event covered by Ahmad, Ajay, Avijyoti and Muneer

Official photographer :: Avijyoti Pal at ShutterBorn






Images compiled by Mohammad Muneer





Live. Not just breathe. Ride…

Yamaha RD 350 – Free Soul

I was always scared to try the sixth gear hence I never attained the top speed on the speedo. Until one day when I decided to test my RD’s pace and strength on the Delhi Jaipur Highway.  I started very early in the morning when the highway was absolutely deserted. Keeping the acceleration steady for few seconds was enough to cross the 100km/hr mark on the speedometer. It was 120 km/hr on the Speedo when I finally touched the sixth gear. Yes, that was the moment when I witnessed the true magic and that sure-footed presence of Yamaha RD 350 on the road. The feel was like if I was exchanging snappy repartee with an iron demon.

During my college days, riders on Pulsar 180 and CBZ were always dazed when they tried unsuccessfully overtaking this deceptively quick machine. And at that overtaking moment the most joyful alacrity can be clearly seen on my face. I had only two words for those new age biker kidos – “No chance”.

It’s been now more than 30 years since Yamaha RD 350 was launched in India, but is still depicted as a symbol of nemesis for other motorcycles. Even though it’s hard to find an old pristine RD 350 nowadays but you can always find one which would not be so tawdry to look at. And as the biking industry is growing in India the RD 350 cult is still alive and enamored by the bikers, more than any other new superbike fanclub.

The emergence of RD 350 in 1980’s was a tectonic shift that literally changed the motorcycling scene in India as it was challenging motorbikes like Royal Enfield Bullet, Yezdi and Rajdoot. This historic stride was responsible for the birth of an allover different breed from the mainstream with beyond the imagination specifications. The powerful ‘Race Derived’ double cylinder 347 cc engine with 31 bhp of power was awesomely great. That was really the pinnacle of the two stroke technology – the Apex.

There are times when the changes pile up in such a manner, in particular combinations of new capabilities and logical consequences, that the whole industry does head off in a new direction— when the underlying concepts, even the possibilities themselves change. RD is the accurate example of the same. RD has undoubtedly caused the transition of the industry in some manner or another, perhaps even emerging as something fairly recognizable in both national and international markets.

Although Yamaha’s sales campaign was good with a nifty punch-line – For the few who dared to Dream and be different, but the RD story soon came to an end. And the reasons were high fuel consumption, the race derived engine and the introduction of RX-100 in 1985, which was a better sales model for Yamaha. And finally this agile machine’s production was ceased by Yamaha in 1990.

All of this upheaval in biking industry—the enormous changes that have already occurred and that which is yet to come—have been enabled by developments in motorcycling technologies, like shifting from 2-stroke to 4-stroke. But Yamaha RD 350 still holds a sacred place in the motorcycling industry with a perpetual love. And there are still numerous garages in which RD 350 shares space with new models of brands like Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Honda and many more. Celebrities like John Abraham and Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Mahi) still own the old majestic Yamaha RD 350.

For people like us it was and will always be awe-inspiring.


Asad, the Guns.

abetting motorcycling ecstasy.



Written and images compiled by:

Asad Khan

Guns Motorcycling

Stars with the real highway star :: Superstars who love to ride Royal Enfield

One more thing I have in common with John Abraham and Brad Pitt is a ‘RE’. Yes a Royal Enfield, the most respected motorcycle brand of India and another common trait between John and me. Jealous! We love to ride our REs, the only marquee of India that represents India on international stage of global classic motorcycling. People from around the world respect these machines and like to experience its magic in real. I believe everyone in India respect Royal Enfield brand because of the heritage that it carries with. On a witty part, one of my friends says that Indian guys who haven’t ridden any RE in their entire life should change their nationality. ‘It’s a JOKE’…. There is no doubt that he is a fervent admirer of this brand and himself is a giant too, so it’s safe not to argue on this point. Accord is a safe escape. ‘Hey Asad, you must be in gym this time’. 🙂

I am taking it as an opportunity to name some celebrities from around the globe who feel affection for this classic motorcycles brand called Royal Enfield. These are real stars of their realm and love to ride this everlasting star of classic motorcycling, the RE.


Brad Pitt


John Abraham


Jay Leno


M. S. Dhoni


Jonty Rhodes


Katrina Kaif


Baz Luhrmann


Vincent Fantauzzo


Julio Iglesias Jr.


James Dean


Imran Khan


Jackie Shroff


Gul Panag


Arjun Khanna


Ranvijay Singh


Purab Kohli



end of story….. above all our Gods love to ride a RE.



Live. Not just breathe. Ride…



Written and images compiled by:

Mohammad Muneer

Guns Motorcycling

RE, an ageless classic :: a pictorial tribute to a legend called Royal Enfield

To me the term “Royal Enfield” represents “Strength, Heritage and Class”. In last few decades hundreds of the new motorbikes with different technical specifications were introduced in the market but none of them could offer a substitute of this timeless beauty. The brand has always been an enthralment to a group of people who find self–satisfaction and pride of owning a legend more important than mileage efficiency.

Demand of RE never subsided in spite of rigorous campaigns done by different motorcycle producers claiming attractive mileage efficiency of their respective machines and I believe that was the key reason why RE never compromised in continuing the legacy of this classic marque and consequently making it longest and oldest motorcycle in continuous production.

But in spite of all the good aspects, the admiration of the brand had always been confined to a particular class of the society and reason for this I believe is the respect for motorcycling spirit which this brand carries and “you can’t buy a Royal Enfield, you only own it” if you have real reverence for these classics.

In 1996 when Government of India imposed stringent emission norms on the automobile industry, this Legend was the first to comply and clear the emission norms and since then producing most eco-friendly motorcycles in its 0.35 ltr and half a litre segment and at the same time keeping its retro image along with these advancements. Since then RE has made substantial investments in modernizing its production technology and as a result, now we have some of the magnificent variants like Thunderbird 350 / 500, Electra 350, Classic 350 and Classic 500 on our roads dignifying its image with stronger and deeper pride.

The “Enfield Manufacturing Company Ltd”, which was later named as “Royal Enfield Manufacturing Company Ltd”, in 1914, started its journey from 1893 with the production of bicycles and produced its very first motorcycle in 1901. It reached to the pinnacle where it is known to be one of the oldest and most respectable images of classic motorcycles. In 60’s most of the motorcycles vanished from the market because they were inept to compete with Japanese manufacturers who were offering more efficient and technically advanced bikes to the consumers, as a result it completely wiped out most of the American and British classic brands. But all Tsunamis proved futile in front of this epic and it continued to ride on with stronger grace.

It will be an injustice to the whole clan of retro classics if I don’t mention latest RE heirs, the Classic 350 and Classic 500. These two pagan symbols seems to be the mode of perfection of their breed and I think these new machines literally live up to the real motto of the company which is articulate as its punch-line “Made like a gun, goes like a bullet” around the globe.

I feel privileged to honour a pictorial tribute to this ageless classic by presenting few photographs which I have compiled and like to share with you.

Written and images compiled by:

Mohammad Faizan

RE Expert, Guns Motorcycling